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TX8809 backlit textile

1. 100% polyester that has been bath coated and then coated again on one side with resin,
allows you to print UV on the coated side with high resolution
2. Super smooth surface, soft hand feel
3. As well as indoor and short-term outdoor ap

Product Details

    LED Light Boxes      Frame Systems        Pop-up     Tents       Sun-umbrellas
    Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2, ASTM D751 175g/sq.m.
    Base Fabric DIN 60001, ASTM D7641 100%Polyester
    Standard Length DIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006 100m
    Thickness N/A 0.23mm
    Weave Method N/A Woven
    Coating N/A PUA(35g/sm)
    Light Transmittance ANSI PH2.19, ISO 5/2 (32±5)%
    Flame Resistance DIN 4102-1-B1, NFPA 701 Test1, EN13501-1 DIN 4102-1-B1, NFPA 701 Test1, EN13501-1
    Eco-certification EU REACH (SGS) EU REACH (SGS)
    Cold-resistance N/A -15℃
    Heavy  Metal Detection ROHS 2.0(SGS) ROHS 2.0(SGS)
    Shringage 210℃,30s ≤2%
    Recommend Fixation N/A 190℃-210℃, 1-2min
    Transfer temperature N/A 190℃-210℃, 1-2min
    Yellowing temperature SUPRKC REX-C400, 30s ≥210℃
    Lifetime N/A 2 Years Indoor
    Solvent Eco Solvent UV
    Screen Printing Dye Transfer (on the uncoated side) Dye Direct
    NOTE: It is normal that the weight of most products will have an average fluctuation of 5%. All above information shall only used as a guide; buyers shall independently test and determine the products suitability. The mentioned data are average of test result and should not be used for the purpose of lawsuit or warranty.