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TX8822 Double-sided blockout textile

1. 100% polyester fabric, matte finish
2..100% opaque blockout, desirable to print both sides with high-resolution images
3. Special textile texture, anti-curling at the eage, perfect as retail graphics for high end luxury brands
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Product Details

    Banner    Roll-up   
    Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2, ASTM D751 260g/sq.m.
    Base Fabric DIN 60001, ASTM D7641 100%Polyester
    Standard Length DIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006 100m
    Thickness N/A 0.23mm
    Weave Method N/A Woven
    Coating N/A PA(120g/sm)
    Obscuring Ratio ANSI PH2.19, ISO 5/2 100%
    Flame Resistance DIN 4102-1-B1, NFPA 701 Test1, EN13501-1 DIN 4102-1-B1, NFPA 701 Test1, EN13501-1
    Eco-certification EU REACH (SGS) EU REACH (SGS)
    Cold-resistance N/A -15℃
    Heavy  Metal Detection ROHS 2.0(SGS) ROHS 2.0(SGS)
    Lifetime N/A 2 Years Indoor
    Solvent Eco Solvent UV
    Screen Printing Dye Transfer Dye Direct
    NOTE: It is normal that the weight of most products will have an average fluctuation of 5%. All above information shall only used as a guide; buyers shall independently test and determine the products suitability. The mentioned data are average of test result and should not be used for the purpose of lawsuit or warranty.